"The boys really enjoyed the class and I plan on passing Sara's name along to the school physical therapist." 
- Mom of two young boys,
  Norwood, MA
"A wonderful yoga instructor who brings a great, calm flow and patience to every class. Girls finished yoga feeling confident and inspired by empowered messages." 
- Program Director at Girls, Inc.,
  Taunton, MA
"What a wonderful yoga instructor for children! Sara creates such fun yoga experiences... and keeps the sessions running so smoothly that participants wonder where the times goes. In a two-hour yoga camp, children learn the practice of yoga through poses, games, stories, and crafts. She also gives helpful hints about how to handle stressful situations and how to bring peaceful resolutions to problems. Sara is professional and easy to work with and our young library patrons can't wait for the next "Yoga with Sara Gottfried" program." 
- Children's Director of the Boyden Library,
Foxboro, MA
"Sara is an AMAZING AMAZING yoga instrcutor. She came to our home and taught my three young boys (4 year old twins and a 2 year old) as well as myself (and my mother in law on occasion). She is so patient, kind, and understanding working with young children. She gently would bring them back to the circle when they wandered away (as young boys do) and she ketp their attention with fun and age appropraite, mindful activities. Some of the great activities she incorporated for them as well, included using teddy bears, and making a calming bottle. One of my favorites was blowing colorful pom poms across the floor to learn about breathing deeply. These brough them right back to the circle. To this day the Lion's Breath is a favorite in our house when emotions are high. I also adored the poems she brought (to do the sunsalutation) and the books she incldued. I could go on and on but Sara has such an incredible inner grace and calmness and is so so loving. I am so grateful she is part of our lives and I look forward to spending more time in practice with her. I learned so mcuh from her not only my boys!
- Mother of private yoga family,
Stoughton, MA
"Shoutout to Miss Sara and the OM-AZING job she did at my daughter’s yoga birthday party! Sara worked with me to have it at a local yoga studio and she thoughtfully planned out an hour long yoga class that was both developmentally appropriate for the age group and incredibly engaging for their short attention spans! With 10 little girls and 2 little boys in the room, there was a lot of energy, but Sara expertly harnessed the energy into yoga poses and games that kept everyone’s attention! I was very impressed with how well she kept control of the rambunctious group & the little extras she surprised us with, like labels for water bottles the had my daughter’s name on it. I would enthusiastically recommend Miss Sara’s yoga parties to anyone interested!"